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Follow your heart - Engage the World - Co-create your dreams

Warriors of the Heart
Warriors of the Heart
Passionate professionals know what it takes to follow their heart, choose for the unusual and for what truly matters to them. They have a calling to contribute their talents to a more humane and sustainable world and step up to co-create positive change. Together we make it happen.

When people started to call me a passionate professional I realised that what I find so common and natural for me is in fact something special and meaningful. By being a passionate professional I can have an impact on people. All I want is to awaken that passion in myself and others. And to enjoy that together. I'm longing to bring more music in my work to support this mission, as a beautiful way to connect worlds, in ourselves and between us.

Co-creation is something we do naturally, when there is no ego in the way and a true desire for connection to Self, others and the greater wholes we are part of. This means hard work to let go of the limiting beliefs and patterns that are blocking us and open our mind, heart and will to be fully present to what is now and what is emerging. Musicians do this all the time. When they don't deal with this they will not be able to be in tune with each other and create music. That's why my own singing with my 4 'sisters' of Quintessa is my deepest source of inspiration and learning about co-operation, co-creation and innovation.

I'm very much inspired by Mary Parker Follett, a few insights she had about groups:

"Group organisation is the key for true collaboration and co-creation. Not competition but integration of different needs and visions is needed. In a way that our individuality is respected and strengthened instead of compromised."

"Whenever we have a real group, something new is actually created. We can now see therefore that the object of group life is not to find the best individual thought, but the collective thought."

"The group organisation movement means the substitution of intention for accident, of organised purpose for scattered desire. It rests on the solid assumption that this is a man-made not a machine-made world, that men and women are capable of constructing their own life, and that not upon socialism or any rule or any order or any plan or any utopia can we rest our hearts, but only on the force of a united and creative citizenship."

Working with Passionate Professionals means becoming Passionate Professionals. An organisation of passionate professionals is on the forefront of what is emerging, present & aware to be innovative, strongly connected, with great impact and success by their compassionately engaged people.

A united and creative citizenship
We are s a network of passionate professionals from diverse backgrounds and professions who share the desire to live from our hearts and contribute our talents to the well-being of all.
Musicians, scientists, business leaders, teachers, social workers, coaches, politicians. Longing to bring positive change in the world. Practicing true integration of differences for the sake of value creation for all by bringing together different cultures and worlds and co-creating the new that is emerging.

Who are WE?
We are the wonderful and inspiring people that I'm so lucky to work with. I feel dedicated to support and stimulate their work as well as nurturing and enjoying our collaboration. We are:
Social Entrepreneur Marije Adriaansens Floreat
Creative wonderer Bas Westerweel
Video harvester & Theory U trainer Simoon Fransen
Organisation innovator & program manager Martine Sluijs
Connector & co-host in innovation & change processes Mohamed Machbouâa
Trompet player & innovator of the Rotterdam Philharmonic orchestra Andre Heuvelman